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Add Water & Stir

Add Water & Stir (excerpt) is an interdisciplinary investigation into aspects of human apathy and the hyper-normalization of sanitized police brutality. This piece was created in response to the current social and political climate of increased human indifference, deafening silence of human compassion and political lunacy largely affecting the African-diaspora and people of color locally and globally. Add Water & Stir (excerpt) expresses insights about the existence of a society mired in complex racial, cultural and gender politics by reflecting on both historical and current events. The work emerges from my anger and fear of an escalating hostile and lethal environment that has been unapologetically unleashed since the Post-Trump election. Abstract references to the brutal killings of Tamir Rice, Emmett Till and Eric Garner are made through text and speech by the dancers. The nightmare of their savage killings are juxtaposed against the backdrop of images and gestures symbolic of the so-called “American Dream”. Add Water & Stir (excerpt) seeks to provoke questions about human compassion and offer perspective on diverse modes of storytelling. The work questions the state of affairs of our humanity and the level of compassion for our fellow human being. Through music, movement, spoken word and strong visual elements it is the hope of this piece to create a platform that invites deeper understanding into the realms of human compassion, community, responsibility and liberation.

Where: Bootleg Theater

2220 Beverly Blvd.


with BlakTina Dance Festival and Dance Resource Centre