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"The magnificently golden yellow Civil War dress has just entered and is being slowly dismantled—layers of skin peeled back and a snake-like black whip is shed. A loaded gun gone limp."

– Kestrel Leah, Author of Riting



PERFORMANCES | The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA 2019, Redcat May 2019, CalArts April 2019

– Site Specific Installations – 

PCH Beach 2019, Women's March 2019

CONCEPT/DIRECTION | Brigette Dunn-Korpela

CHOREOGRAPHY | Brigette Dunn-Korpela in collaboration with Dancers

SET DESIGN | Brigette Dunn-Korpela

COSTUME DESIGN | Athena Lawton

MUSIC EDITOR | Pete Korpela



VIDEO | Giuliana Folks, Charlotte Hong, Asuka Lin, Guinness Waller

CAST | Whitney Jackson, Kayla Johnson, Dominique McDougal, Alan Perez, Dion Pratt, Brance Wiliiam

CALARTS PERFORMERS | Maya Allen, Alejandra Hernandez, Sydney Jacobs, Makayla Sifuentes

Black Market Value is a 20 minute movement installation/performance presentation. It investigates the identity of black and brown bodies specific to the African-diaspora as they relate to race, culture and gender. The work interrogates aspects of our historical and contemporary landscape. Black Market Value confronts and disrupts notions of the black body as object and commodity and explores the minefield of being fetishized, exoticized, and demonized - emotionally, physically and psychologically. Black Market Value returns to the intuitive realm of being both known and forgotten. Navigation, self-definition, masking and acceptance are explored. Black Market Value seeks to create a space of healing through ritual, spirit, self- acceptance and knowing.

Click to view Black Market Value for The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

It's the End of This World 

Film by Mylesha Morgan Ramey | Performance by B. Dunn Movement Company Artist Dion Pratt | Costume Design by Athena Lawton

Text by Mylesha Morgan Ramey "Soft, Water" | Music by Kamaal Williams "The Return"

Black Market Value: Pacific Coast Highway Installation 2019

Costume Design by Athena Lawton on Company Artists and Collaborators | Photography by Mylesha Morgan Ramey

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