October 2019

"Translated expertly... The movement and words are inseparable, their marriage crucial to making meaning. Watching a seated reading of the play would be like listening to a piece of music through one earphone."

September 2018

Meet the Artistic Director of B. Dunn Movement Dance & Theatre Company

October 2019

"Sublime choreography... Viscerally stimulating your visual and auditory senses while evoking deeply empathetic emotions in tandem."

KC Applauds

September 2017

"The choreography is strong and the movement rigorous...powerful, compelling, and [clear]"

LA Dance Chronicle  //  Jeff Slayton

December 2018

“In [Dunn-Korpela's] heightened world, theatricality only further reveals the dance.”

RITING  //  Kestrel Leah

December 2017

“Dunn masterfully illustrates pain, degradation and struggle, [yet] also focuses on the triumph of resilience and grace.”