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We are a performance art company based in Los Angeles, California creating performance-based work that reveals the universal spirit of our humanity. Through diverse art forms we investigate the intersectionality of race, gender and identity that impact our human experiences. 


B. Dunn Movement has toured nationally and within the greater Los Angeles area. Previous engagements have included performances, master classes, workshops, lecture/demonstrations, and livestreams for individuals of all ages. 

We bring Arts Education and cultural connections to engage with local communities through dance, music and multiple art forms. Programs include special performances, lecture-demonstrations, technique classes and curriculum-based residencies for K-12, college/universities and the general public throughout the year.

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Our Mission
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Our mission is to provide in-depth creative expression through diverse art forms. B. Dunn Movement seeks to create art that encompasses critical thinking and an awareness of multilayered themes within local and global communities. The intersectionality of race, gender and identity that impact our human experiences are of extreme importance to us. B. Dunn Movement seeks to facilitate work that reveals the universal spirit of our humanity, with interest in creating shared authentic-visceral experiences within all bodies of work.

Our History




B. Dunn Movement was founded by Artistic Director, Brigette Dunn-Korpela in 2015. It was created after the successful debut of the company’s signature work, ECHO, at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, CA. With two sold out evenings at the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance, it was there that B. Dunn Movement began. We knew from that point the value and importance of this work. ECHO was invited to be in residency at the Multicultural Arts Center Cambridge in Summer 2015.

Brigette Dunn-Korpela, with an amazing group of dance artists, visual and technical designers/collaborators took ECHO on tour to Boston, Massachusetts. B. Dunn Movement has since continued to perform, inspire, provoke, reframe, challenge and interrogate normalized notions of hegemony, racism, gender politics and cultural identity.

Images by Will Haroldson, Mylesha Morgan Ramey, Scott Groller | Background image by Josh S. Rose

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