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  • B. Dunn Movement: Joan Padeo

Artistic Director & Sharon Haggins-Dunn: A Candid Conversation on Art, Activism, and Lineage

"Black Women" by Sharon Haggins-Dunn, 1970.

This month we focus on lineage. More specifically, we've invited a guest much closer to home to converse with Brigette about memories, the evolution of creating, and how art ties them to one another. We welcome Brigette's mother, Sharon Haggins-Dunn!

Listen to the 40 minute, special podcast edition by clicking HERE.

Due to formatting constraints, the podcast edition will live on our Calendar Page under Events. Find out more about Sharon Haggins-Dunn below.

Mixed media Installation Artist Sharon Dunn creates site-specific interdisciplinary environments, exploring photography, painting, digital imagery and virtual immersive spaces. Previous travel to Africa and Cuba informs mixed media investigations and studio projects. exploring the creation of ‘sacred’ spaces, while referencing unknown ancestors, lost histories, forgotten narratives and rituals of passage. Installation projects are developed as temporary site-specific landscapes or large scale 3D/4D narrative environments.

Sharon Dunn has also researched and documented transcultural artistic traditions in Nicaragua, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Ghana. She first traveled to Cuba in 1979 with anthropologist Johnnetta Cole to research the African base of Cuban culture. In 2008, she was awarded an Artist-in-Residence at the University of the Creative Arts, Hasselblad Digital High Resolution Center in Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Masters of Science Degree, Department of Architecture-Environmental Art and Design, Center for Advanced Visual Studies. MAJOR; ENVIRONMENTAL ART AND DESIGN - 1983

Boston University

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Painting Major. 1972

Graduate Studies in Instructional Media and Technology. 1975


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA,

Awarded Two Fellowships. Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

Community Fellows Program. Research Topics: Arts Education 1991,

Multicultural Curriculum Development 1981


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