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Creating Worlds

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Our workshop this month revolves around the collaboration between the physical realm aka the dancers and their work with Artistic Director, Brigette, and the virtual realm, more specifically AR and VR. You’ll have the opportunity to witness existing phrases of EIE, and our resident Animator and XR Director, Nak Choi, will walk participants through his part in EIE. Until then, here is a little taste of what’s to come this weekend.

First off, what exactly is AR and VR?

AR stands for augmented reality and VR stands for virtual reality. While these technologies can sometimes bleed into one another, the plainest difference is that augmented reality adds digital elements to the existing world around you– think Pokemon Go, while virtual reality replaces your surroundings with whatever the creator wants you to experience. AR only requires the user to have a screen, while VR headsets take over your vision, “transporting” you and giving you the impression that you are somewhere else.

Pictured below are snapshots of Nak's rendering process. All of this simply shows how creating the environment merely begins.

We asked Nak what he had to say about the collaboration with Brigette and the dancers thus far:

"The most exciting part between my collaboration with Brigette and the dancers so far in this process is the development of our unique formula. Formula, defined as a method, statement, or procedure for achieving something, especially reconciling different aims or positions, it's very exciting for me to join in on rehearsals, meetings, and getting the insight to the world of Brigette and the dancers and seeing the revelation of their craft. Why the choreography must move a certain way, how they're understanding this body of work, and most importantly having this depth of expression in their works through discussions of history and experiences in our lives. This invitation to bring our insight to the work helps us to reveal the deeper connections that we share - our humanity and through our trials and errors while testing out the innovations in AR, VR, and 360 video, it helps us to overcome the challenges of our situations.

"Pandemic has been hard for everyone, there is grief in the changes in our lives, the missed connections and the feeling of missed opportunities. But through this collaboration, we're taking the next steps to creatively problem solve through such situations by incorporating different ideas, being open to changes, and embracing the uncertainties of life. By embracing these uncertainties, we're focusing on what we have and what we can do in these times. In our collaboration, there is much laughter, joy, and figuring things out. We're entering the unknown but with the love we have for this project, it's ever more exciting to collaborate and move forward."

And so, B. Dunn Movement continues to create.


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