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Updated: Feb 14, 2021

As most dance rehearsals go in this process, the dancers

improvise, reflect and recreate

the moments that serve the task. We identify the movements and intentions we want to keep and build on those ideas.

One source of inspiration that continues to show up is the ocean in all of its states. In lieu of one of our zoom rehearsals, Brigette gave prompts and asked us to go to the beach instead.


I let the waves peter out towards me until they made contact

I planted myself there as the water returned

higher and higher

each time until the water washed over my feet and

coursed through the sand beneath me

shifting my roots

I wondered what it was like to be the water

I wondered what it was like to be the sand

Dancer: Joan Padeo


With new insight we ended up creating and solidifying material over the next few rehearsals. From there, our Resident Animator and his mentees came to rehearsal and sketched the dancers as we rehearsed.

Sketches by Nak Choi


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